Top Beach Destinations In The World

Planning a beach getaway overseas? There are plenty of incredible beach destinations worth visiting. Whether it’s for your honeymoon or a solo travel, you want to choose a vacation destination that offers all you need. If a beach destination is right for you, there are exquisite beach holiday hotspots in the world that you can visit. Here is a list of top beach holiday destinations that promises to enthrall you to the fullest.


Caribbean Islands is a place to find undoubtedly the most exquisite of beaches in the world. Great views and beautiful coastlines make the Caribbean one of the top beach destinations that is bound to delight everyone. Asides the marvels of beautiful blue water, mild weather and glistening sand, Caribbean is a popular spot for beach party lovers. Enjoy carnivals and several beach sport such as football, volleyball and cricket.


Hawaii is a top destination for beach lovers with several activities and fun things to do. Remember to pack your sunglasses, sunscreen and beach carpets when planning your trip to Hawaii. The beaches on the on the Hawaiian coast are just so beautiful and will make you want to stay there more than planned. Experience serenity at its best, calm running water, plush greenery, scintillating sand and radiant sun when you visit one of many Hawaii beaches. Water sports such as sailing, surfing and boating are available.


Florida is another popular beach holiday destination located in the United States. Asides the stunning blue water, visitors can enjoy great beach parties and lovely music. One of the major attractions of Floridian beaches is the incredible sunset. Others include late night parties, camp fires and many more. It is a perfect destination for party lovers and beach lovers.


If you are looking for a cheap beach holiday destination that offers amazing fun and excitement, then the best place to be is Thailand beaches. These beaches are properly maintained and well organized, making it a perfect spot to relax and unwind. One of the incredible things to do when relaxing at the beach is going for Thai massages. Beaches in Thailand are relatively affordable and fun.


Australian beaches are always clean and a perfect holiday spot for beach lovers. With a mild and soothing climate, sparkling blue waters, and great sand makes Sydney a top destination that attracts hundreds of thousands of beach lovers annually. Water sports such as surfing, jet-ski, parasailing and much more add thrills and fun to your holiday.


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