Things to consider when driving in Sydney and Australia

The first one is licensing from a safer drivers course. In New South Wales, if you have an overseas license, you will be able to drive using that license and only that license anywhere in New South Wales. As long as you have a valid drivers license overseas, you can drive in Sydney and in New South Wales. One thing to keep in mind is that you need to keep your drivers license on you. It is an offense in New South Wales to not have your drivers license on you if a policeman asks you to produce it.

sydneyboatI suggest that if you are here for short stay, if just want to see some of the major attractions on a short stay, it is probably not worth your while to hire a car to get around. Most of these things are accessible by public transport. But on a long term tourist its a good idea to hire your own car to access places that are not accessible by public transport and also to keep privacy without reducing your happiness and pressure.

Some driving tips if you decide to drive in Sydney CBD. Overall, Sydney and Australia is a very safe place to drive, it is not as chaotic as a lot of counties, people are fairly orderly and it is a pretty pleasant place to drive.

There are a lot of fatal motor vehicle accidents in Australia, speed is largely responsible for these, people exceeding the speed limit and also the fact that Australia being so geographically large means a lot of vehicles are traveling at high speeds.

The first and most obvious thing to remember is you have to drive on the left. If you are from one of those countries that drive on the right-hand side, it is really important that you remember that. It could be chaotic and dangerous if you do not remember to do that. So always drive on the left, the easy way to remember is that you as the driver will be closest to the center of the road.

It is a law in New South Wales and everywhere in Australia that you have to wear a seatbelt whenever you are driving a motor vehicle. If you did not wear a seatbelt, you or your passengers will likely to be fined by a police officer.

Alcohol is another one. Everyone likes to have a few drinks when they are on vacation that is for sure, but it can be very dangerous to operate a motor vehicle when you are on the influence of alcohol. The legal limit for adults is .05% alcohol, .05 means if you have 3 standard drinks in the first hour, you will be over the limit and you will not be able to drive a motor vehicle.

There are very heavy penalties for people who drive motor vehicles whilst they are under the influence of alcohol, including fines and imprisonment.

Speeding. Speed limits vary a great deal in Sydney, and as a result you really need to keep an eye out, make sure that you are traveling within the appropriate speed limit for that area. There are plenty of highway patrolman out there that will give you a ticket or take some sort of action against you if you speed whilst driving.

These are some of the things you might want to consider before enrolling to a safer drivers course before driving in Sydney and Australia. .

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