Cruise Ships or Air Travel?

aircruiseAir travel cannot be compared to any other mode of transport in terms of speed especially over long distances. It is the fastest. Using a cruise on the other hand has a lot of advantages especially if one is interested in pampered, full serviced travel. Spend some time evaluating cruise ship versus air travel next time you planning to travel.


If you are concerned about time or your trip is urgent, then air travel is the most appropriate for you. Only consider a cruise if you have time at your disposal, the slow speed can also be relaxing and renewing.


The price of flights keeps on increasing from time to time. With improvements such as increase of leg room, WI-FI connections and even snacks, the cost of plane ticket keeps on increasing day in day out. With cruises, the prices cover almost everything with exceptions of alcohol and any other personal extra options. This is to mean travelers do not have to give more cash for food, activities or additional beddings.

Personal space

If you have travelled by air regularly, you might have experienced a seat mate who snores, cries, smells or talks for the larger part of the flight. It is really annoying, but can do nothing about it, you have to stick there the whole time. The only good thing is that you will get to your destination on time. Cruise ship cabins are widely known to be small, but you can walk around the ship during the journey and stretch. You do not have to be glued on the seat all through. In most cases one has the ability to choose the cabin they want as well as dinner mates, such that you not around people you do not like.


If your flight is long, you can be able to enjoy a movie, the problem is you cannot decide what it will be and will have to listen via earphones which you will have to pay for. Entertainment options in cabin are many and one can choose the one they feel comfortable with. So if you looking forward to fun during your trip, cruise ship will be the best choice for you.

Environmental impact 

Both means of travel impact the environment in a negative way. The major problem is the production of carbon dioxide which brings more pollution to the already polluted air. Another form of pollution comes from garbage, waste water and sewage generated from both means. Coral reefs are also greatly affected by cruise ships.

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