Road Trip – The Ultimate Vacation!


The act of being in the car, enjoying lovely scenery and moving at your own pace make road trip an adventurous journey. Road tripping is one of the best ways to spend less for vacations with family or avoid a confrontation with your fear of taking a flight. We highlight a few reasons why visitors should consider taking a road trip as an alternative to other travel options.

Drive at your own pace

You don’t have to bother about the time you get to your destination? You’re with your family on a vacation and you chose to drive for a reason. Catch stunning sights, moon the car close to you and stop by at incredible attractions along your route. It is not about getting to your final destination on time but enjoying every moment while driving.

Pit stops

Restaurants, convenience stores, parks, gas stations are great places to enjoy amazing, sights. All foods are viable options while road tripping. Buy chips, desserts and cookies and bring them back to the car to eat. Road trip offers travelers the chance to eat anything they want.

No delay

Have you ever been excited to holiday in a particular destination only to sit at the airport for few hours? Ever had to schedule another vacation because you missed a flight? Flights can be delayed but road trips offer instant gratifications. Rent a car today and take a road trip.

Stunning Scenery

If you’re in a place, your only chance of seeing spectacular views is through the tiny screen right in front of you. That’s no fun. On a road trip, you see incredible sights unexpectedly. It could be a beautiful lake, a classic car or spectacular sign. Make sure you carry your camera along because road trips are considered human safaris.


Listening to legendary songs while tuned in to a local station is extremely fun. Road trip need great soundtracks. Listen to country music, talk shows or find the best radio station in that location and harmonize with your kind of song.


It’s impossible to tell a pilot to make an unscheduled stop while on a flight. But the benefit of a road trip is that you can stop and see something that interests you. There are abundant destinations waiting for visitors to be stumbled upon. Some of the world’s greatest attractions are best explored while road tripping.


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5 Quirky Things To Do In London

LovelondonPlan your next vacation to London and you’ll never be short of fun filled things to do. From London Eye to the Tower Bridge and a walk along the popular river Thames, this city offers you the chance to enjoy stunning views of some of the world’s most incredible structures, museums and attractions. Considered one of the most visited cities in the world with hundreds of thousands of visitors annually, London boasts of several things to do that people hardly know about. If you’ve been to almost all the attractions in the city and looking for something unusual to do that will delight you, we’ve compiled a list of incredible quirky hideaways.


Home to plenty of exotic, magnificent artworks collected by Robert Ripley, a world renowned cartoonist, Ripley Believe it or not is one of the places to find unusual sights such as an upside down room, underwater wonders and an unusual art.  Here you can measure up against the tallest man on planet, check out the amazing collection of shrunken human heads, or take up a challenge to participate in Ripley’s Marvellous Mirror Maze, the largest laser race in London. With over 700 astounding exhibits spanning across six floors, a trip to Ripley’s Believe it or Not will definitely leave long lasting memories on the entire family


King’s Cross Pond Club is a beautiful fresh water public bathing pond in London measuring 40 metre. This massive natural and open air swimming pool is surrounded by lovely flowers and opened to the general public every day of the week. It is one of the latest attractions in the UK where you can swim, relax and enjoy the beauty of nature. You’ll find several incredible facilities including showers, changing rooms, lockers and loos. There is also a life guard on duty during opening hours to ensure your safety. If you truly want to experience the best King’s Cross Pond Club has to offer, you


One of the best things to do in London is learning to play the ukele at the Queen of Hoxton. This entertainment venue offers you the chance to enjoy several live music-arts and exhibition. You will see the best in art and design, film screening, photographic exhibitions, and live bands. It is a perfect place for pleasure lovers.


If you are a serious beer lover with little cash to spare, then take a pub tour to sample the beers of ages. This is one of the best things to do especially if you have jest limited time in London


Get your laugh on for free at the Theatre Royal Stratford East. You’ll find plenty of stand-up comedy acts here. it is a perfect night out alone or with friends. The best part is Comic Mondays are usually free for everyone.


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Reason Why You Should Schedule A Staycation

Have you ever imagine spending a day at home without having to use the social media and the internet? Nowadays, many people spend their weekends outside their home: either visiting the beaches, exploring museums, shopping or dining at exotic restaurants. If you are one of them, then you are missing spending time at home. It is high time you rediscovered the comfort of your home. Here are some of the reasons why you should schedule a staycation soon

Cheap and affordable

Yes, you can pay exorbitant fees booking your favorite hotel but did you know you can also enjoy the luxury of hotel accommodations right in the comfort of your home? Staycation is cheaper, affordable, enjoyable and allows you save more, making it a perfect choice for those on low budget. Christmas is fast approaching so it is best to take wise decisions when it comes to purchasing.

Improves relationship with family

Spending quality time with loved ones allows you to bond with your family. This can be achieved by simply taking a cooking session or a movie marathon. If you don’t find that interesting, you can decide to work on crafts that you can display afterwards. Staycation is your best chance of spending time with those people you so much care about.

It is a perfect time to improve your home

Staycation is a time to relax, sleep and feel refreshed. Asides that, you can seize the opportunity to work on repairs in your home. Check for faulty appliances that you’ve been ignoring for a while due to work pressure and have them fixed. You can change the appearance of your home, thus giving it a new look.

Support local business

Vacations are great for the economy but the cash spend supports the destination you visit not where you live. Rather than going on a long vacation outside your city, why not patronize businesses in your locality on your staycation. Explore museums, impressive restaurants, lovely parks and local attractions. The money spent at any of these local attractions goes right back into the economy and help improve your community.

It makes you more productive

When you take a break and do things that interest your soul, you come back refreshed, revitalized and filed with great ideas to take on the day’s job.

So go ahead and schedule a staycation. You’ll be glad you did!