Car Theft Prevention Tips While Traveling

Technology such as audible alarms, engine immobilizers and vehicle recovery system has helped to change car theft in significant ways. Travelers use their cars for several purposes including a place to keep valuable items, eat meals and take shelter. Thieves are aware of the fact that most rental cars are usually stuffed with valuable items such as cameras, jewelry, iPads, laptops and cash. A car is regarded as your home away from home especially when traveling, it is therefore imperative to take some precautions to keep it safe and protected from thieves. In some tourist areas, car thefts have become such a major problem that people are warned not to leave anything in their cars. Let’s review some travel tips to avoid car theft.

Pack valuables before parking your car

There are load of thieves in parking lots, valet queue, and hotel lots looking for travelers who leave valuables in their vehicle. Do not forget to stow valuables out of sight before parking your car in order not to draw the attention of thieves. If you must leave something in your car, hide it completely.

Park in safe location

Do not forget to park your car in a safe and visible location. If you discover some areas of the parking lot is marked by broken glass, consider looking for a different location. Broken glass probably means thieves have been smashing windows and also act regardless of the time of the day if they find cover. Before parking, look for well-lit areas and open spaces.

Keep close distance to your vehicle while idling

Even if you are to make a quick stop, do not leave your car unattended. Remember to take your keys with you. You’ll find a lot of thieves at several gas stations and convenience store parking lots, where people leave their cars running and doors unlocked. Be sure to stay close to your vehicle whenever you are to warm it up when traveling during cold weather.

Ensure your car is traceable

When leaving your car makes sure you roll up the windows, remove the keys from the ignition and lock all doors. Install and activate audible alarm in your car to help deter thieves.


  • Verify it was actually stolen and not moved by a friend with easy access to your car
  • Call the police
  • Contact your insurance company


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