Best Places To Travel In New Zealand During Holiday Seasons

New Zealand sometimes referred to as “Godzone” (God’s own country) is an incredible place to spend your vacation. Year after year, travelers list New Zealand in the top ten of destinations they’d like to visit. Everyone who had, at a point in time, been to New Zealand see it as a once in a lifetime place to visit. Home to snowcapped forests, craggy coastlines, beautiful, pristine beaches, spectacular scenery and impressive geysers, New Zealand offers several diversions and attractions to make your holiday worthwhile. If you’re planning a trip to see this beautiful country during holiday season, check out our list of must-visit places.

Bay of Islands

Considered one of the best places to go in New Zealand for several water sport activities including swimming, sailing and fishing, the Bay of Islands comprises of 144 islands and has close proximity to Auckland. There are plenty of things to do when in the Bay of Islands such as scuba diving, fishing, getting up close and personal with marine creatures such as dolphins and whales and much more. One of the best things to do sailing through the Hole in the Rock, an opening in a rock formation

Milford Sound, New Zealand

Known as the “eight wonder of the world” for it is lovely glaciers, mountains, waterfalls and beautiful landscape, Milford Sound is a place not to miss out on visiting when planning your next vacation to New Zealand. The best way to explore Milford Sound is via boat as it offers you the chance to cruise on the fjord. You’ll see several stunning waterfalls and wildlife including penguins and dolphins. Top attraction to visit is the Milford Discovery Centre and Underwater Observatory where you can go underneath the water (while staying dry) to catch stunning views of the underwater environment.

Auckland, New Zealand

Renowned for being the largest city and an international air travel hub in the country, Auckland is one of the top destinations to visit in New Zealand. Most of the internationals flights to New Zealand arrive in Auckland Airport, making it a perfect place to start your trip. To fully explore this city, it is highly recommended to spend at least a day or two in Auckland. Explore one of the many museums, enjoy tasty dishes in its restaurants, take a stroll along one of its parks, go shopping or visit the markets.


With a well-deserved reputation as the adventure capital of New Zealand, Queenstown is one of the must-visit destinations in New Zealand. The city offers visitors a lot of great activities to do including skydiving, bungee jumping, river rafting, jet boating and skiing (especially during winter and spring months).

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