Australia Holiday Packing List

Australia is an amazing destination on most people’s list of must-visit places. Australia features some of the world’s most extreme and varied climates. Not only would you have to consider the weather and climate, but other factors such as outdoor activities and varying seasons are as well important. Before traveling to Australia, you need to consider the season of the year. By so doing, you’ll know the exact things to pack and leave what you don’t need.

Things to pack

Packing is one of the challenging parts of any trip. If you are planning a major adventure to this incredible destination, there are a few essentials to include on your vacation packing list. Remember that items such as clothing and toiletries can be bought at a cheaper rate when you get to Australia, so you don’t need to pack everything in your wardrobe. Here is a list of tip things to pack for your travel to Australia.


You only need to pack a few clothes when traveling to Australia because plenty of shopping opportunities at an affordable price awaits you here. If you’ll be going to beach or Sea World Theme park, carry you swimsuit. Also bring a pair of jeans, hiking pants and shorts. Carry your hoodie for night time as well


You’ll be needing sturdy hiking boots or athletic shoes for hiking in the national parks. One of the things to consider when buying a pair of good walking shoe is comfort.  Other items on the list include flip-flops breathable socks and a pair of sandals for walking on the beach during the warmer months.

Toiletries and Medical Supplies

Prescriptions, sunscreen, toothbrush, insect repellent are a must when planning a trip to Australia. During the summer months, there are usually plenty of mosquitoes and midges in some parts of the country.


Australia is home to loads of incredible places. A trip to any of these places without taking stunning pictures will be considered incomplete. Bring along a digital camera to take spectacular snapshots of beautiful spots. Other electronics include lightweight laptop (optional), smartphone, chargers and E-reader.

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