10 Tips for Travelling On A Budget

Petrol prices are going up and air carriers are also charging more. These factors contribute to making travel more expensive. As a result of the increase in prices, people traveling on a budget may be discouraged from going for that long awaited vacation. It seems as if the dreams of going on that vacation has been shattered. Here are some travel tips that can keep you on the road, even without having much money to spend.

Analyze Your Accommodations

You can save more by opting for a less expensive night time accommodation. There are loads of budget hotels out there with great amenities that will provide the desired comfort and relaxation you need. Depending on your travel destination, some of the amenities you can find in new lines budget hotel include over-sized bath, massive bedrooms, free Wi-Fi, complimentary breakfasts and much more. Choosing a budget hotel rather than the more classy ones will save you more money and afford you the opportunity to do a lot of touring.

Prepare Your Own Meals

Most hotels do offer free breakfast daily, therefore you don’t have to spend money on breakfast. During the day, you can either settle for lunch at any of the cheap restaurants around or make a sandwich right from the comfort of your hotel room. At night, you can take a nice yet less expensive meal for dinner. You spend more when you eat out. To reduce the money spent on food in restaurants, prepare your own meal.

Don’t buy souvenirs

Most of these souvenirs you come across in several tourist attractions are usually expensive. Instead of buying souvenirs, take lots of pictures as they help keep memories alive.  Pictures are a perfect substitute for souvenirs.

Consider exploring your city

There are a wide variety of local landmarks and historical sites closer to home. These lovely attractions are worth visiting. Plan a day trip to any of the local tourist attractions including amusement parks, beaches and museums around you and experience fun at its best. By so doing, you will cut down travel expenses

Rent a home Instead of Hotels

If you are planning to save more money when going on a family trip, rent an apartment instead of a home. Rentals are ideal and less expensive than hotels, especially for a family vacation. You also have the chance to see various lovely attractions as a local. You can check online for various rental apartments in your preferred travel destination. Visit any local grocery store close to you to stock the kitchen with food items including milk, coffee and cereal.

Avoid Hidden charges

There are extra charges that are not included in room rates at some of the hotels. To avoid such charges, insist on getting the total fees associated with the room at check-in. Do not use the hotel’s phone and decline newspaper delivery. All of these charges add up to a substantial amount of money.

Travel by sea

Just because the flight fares are increasing shouldn’t put an end to your dream vacation. You can choose to travel by sea. Sea travel are considerably cheaper than air travel. Though a bit slower, cruising offers enjoyable and remarkable experience.

Split the Costs

You can reduce the cost of travelling when you plan a vacation with friends and family. The price of renting an apartment or a house will be cheaper when you split the costs.

Leave your pets

Taking your pets on a vacation is usually expensive. You’ll spend more feeding and taking care of the pet. To save money, leave the pet with your loved ones at home.

Use cheap airlines

You can look up the internet to book for a low-cost airline. There are loads of reliable travel agency online that offer these services.

Traveling can be fun, and there are many different ways to travel on a budget, if you are creative. With these few tips, you can save your money while enjoying a memorable vacation.


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